It is the only room of the museum that has no other exhibits than a mural placed in its perimeter (the author of the O. Negreanu conception, the painting being made by I. Daghi). It represents an image of the evolution of the earth's biosphere from the appearance of the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and life on earth to the contemporary stage. The visitor has the opportunity to understand that the biosphere is a living shell that covers the entire planet, it is the environment in which life unfolds in all its aspects. Man appeared on earth relatively late, creating many civilizations. Each phase of civilization has left its mark through changes in the environment. The tendency to snatch as many goods from nature as possible was the main goal of mankind. This tendency has led man to invent various tools, machines, installations, constructions, with the help of which the intervention on the biosphere becomes more and more obvious and uncontrollable. The painting shows us the beautiful and harmonious image of the Earth at the beginning of civilization and the appearance of the earth rebuilt by man. Today's face of the planet wears a metal and concrete mask. Man, through invented technologies, tends to subdue everyone around him. This removes man from the natural environment of living in the middle of nature.

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