The botanical collection

The Botanical Collection contains herbs, seeds, and molds. The herbarium from the end of the century is of interest. 19th century and the standard herbarium of higher plants in the Republic of Moldova (1948-1985). The entomological collection from Bessarabia from the beginning of the century is of scientific interest. twentieth century, collected, annotated and systematized by Nicolae Zubovski. In the middle. II of the last century the collection was completed with typical and unique pieces, collected by specialists in Moldova, Europe, Asia and other countries of the world. Moldova is considered by specialists to be an archaeological treasure. The basis of the study of Paleolithic archeology was N. Morosan, who collected rich collections of work tools. Gh. Sergheev also contributed to the completion of the archeological collection in 1946-1969. Today, the archeological collection presents scientific value through some unique pieces: the treasure from Cărbuna with jewels made of copper, shell and stone from the second half. of the 4th millennium AD the treasure from Chetroşica with two painted vessels, deer corner necklace, white stone beads from the Cucuteni-late Tripoli period; the treasure of ornaments and armor from Valea-Rusului from sf. 2nd millennium AD the treasure of Getic silver jewelry from Mateuţi from the 15th century IV AD the bronze hunic boiler from Şestaci from the 15th century V; the tools of the jeweler from the Alcedar and Echimăuţi kindergartens from the 15th century. X-XII; copper cross-incolpion from Orheiul Vechi from the 15th century. XIV, etc.

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