Ecology of Nature and Culture

The exhibition arranged in this room is a documentary demonstration of the destruction of balance in nature and the consequences of this process. Due to the urbanization and industrialization of society, man changes his attitude towards the natural environment, cultivates his tendency to take from nature as many spaces and resources as possible, without taking into account its legitimacy and needs. By replacing natural ecosystems with anthropogenic ones, man makes abundant use of technology and chemicals (pesticides), which lead to unprecedented pollution of the environment. The photographs and samples exhibited in this room reflect the deplorable ecological situation in the Republic of Moldova, where due to soil degradation, pollution of water basins and air, more and more species of insects, plants, birds and mammals disappear, anomalies develop in the animal world. worsens people's health.

A graphic work (author VI. Penighin) demonstrates the danger of destroying life on earth as a consequence of reckless attitude towards nature and aims to awaken in each visitor the alarming feeling for the created situation, the involvement in actions to recover from the crisis. The harmful processes that take place in the natural environment represent the direct effect of the changes produced first of all in the spiritual realm. Thus, the ecological crisis is in a direct dependence with the spiritual one. Samples of degraded folk creation, photographs of traditional cultural monuments, destroyed churches, monasteries and cemeteries show the seriousness of the impact of the spiritual crisis and the fatal consequences that may occur in the near future. This leitmotif persists in the graphic work of the painter VI. Penighin. The sculpture "Tree of Life" that can be seen from the first room revives the feeling of responsibility for ensuring the continuity of life.

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