Mezozoic Era

It is dedicated to the Mesozoic era, which began with 235 thousand. years ago and lasted 169 thousand. year old. Paleogeographic maps, lithological columns, rock impressions and the bones of different animals illustrate the evolution and diversity of the organic world on the territory of Moldova in this era. The mural (author A. Golikov) allows us to imagine the proportions of these animals and shows us that the Mesozoic was not accidentally called the era of reptiles, because they occupied both aquatic and terrestrial space, as well as air. The appearance of angiosperm plants, the first birds and mammals is also illustrated. During this era, continental conditions prevailed, and the evolution of the biosphere was determined by the geological processes on earth, which generated climate change. Various natural cataclysms have led to the disappearance of giant reptiles.

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