Natural Landscapes of Moldova

In this room is presented the diversity, richness and beauty of nature, in which our people lived and created the local culture. The four murals (authors: V. Zîkov, P. Belogorţev and A. Bulîciov) suggest traditional landscapes specific to the natural ecosystems of the four geographical districts of Moldova: the height of the Dniester, Codrii, Bălții râurilor and Stepa. The exhibits in the shop windows and in front of the panoramas offer ample information about the richness of the fauna and flora of each natural ecosystem. The main thematic emphasis is on illustrating life in nature's ecosystems. Nature was an environment for man, determining the way of life of human communities and its character. By sounding songs, legends and ballads about the beauty of this place is demonstrated the beneficial influence of nature on the national character of popular creation, the specifics of the population in different areas.
Located in the center of the room, the model map of the Republic of Moldova (authors I. Belenki and E. Costiuc) reflects on a small scale the geographical location of natural ecosystems, their degree of human exploitation, the specificity of the relief that determined both the place of human settlements and and the formation of the national specificity of the character of Moldovans. At the same time, the interdependence between the variety of relief, natural riches and spatial modeling by man is visible, through the culturalization of the environment, which has already reached 92% of the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova.

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