Optimizing Nature and Culture

After elucidating the processes carried out in our space until the appearance of the disastrous conflicts between man and nature, in the last room of the exhibition several ways of solving them are proposed. Based on the knowledge of the laws of nature, the positive experience of rational use of natural resources, the creation of agricultural ecosystems that are in harmony with the natural environment, the creation of nature reserves, which stops the process of nature destruction, the development of functional environmental legislation, are indicated concrete steps to optimize human-nature relations in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, based on the heritage of traditional culture, the optimistic tendencies in our spiritual continuity are also specified. The samples and photographs in the shop windows demonstrate the process of revitalization of popular creation, development of professional art, which reflects the positive processes produced after the declaration of independence of the Republic of Moldova. The elaboration of state programs of strategic importance, through which to support the promotion of the national culture could contribute to the way out of the impasse. The exhibition “Nature. The man. Culture "the work of the wooden sculptor R. Vieru" The Gate ", on which are carved the solar rosettes as a triumph of the harmonious life on earth. The "gate" is a call of the public to realize that humanity will be able to survive only by restoring balance in relation to nature, preserving and capitalizing on the spiritual heritage. The concept of the exhibition was developed and realized by museographers M. Ursu, Gr. Cemârtan, M, Ciocanu, I. Bălteanu, S. Şărănuţă, T. Burac, S. Macovei, V, Buzilă, E. Bâzgu, R. Tabuica The design project and the arrangement of the exhibition were made by L. Burman, L. Cernetski, K. laroţinski, K. Iudin, P. Belogorţev, A. Bulîciov, V. Şevciuk, KK Iaroţinski.

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