The National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History provides a series of activities for the public of different ages. They allow the exploration of the museum patrimony, the development of the creative potential, of the practical abilities and the social integration.

            The educational programs are implemented by the employees of the Public Relations and Communication Section, in cooperation with artisans, pedagogues and specialists from other institutions. Annually, the museum organizes the following actions that highlight the natural environment and the traditional culture of the Republic of Moldova:

  • International Travel Guide Day (February 21) – it includes meetings with professionals in the field, virtual trips, public lectures, etc.
  • Workshop of making traditional mărțișor (a Romanian red-white amulet), organized at the end of February; it brings together well-known artisans, who demonstrate to the children various forms and techniques of manufacturing this amulet – mărțișorul.
  • Clean Water Week, dedicated to World Water Day (March 22), is marked by watching documentaries and Power Point presentations created by students; they bring to attention the dangers affecting the aquatic resources from the country and on the global scale.
  • Ecological Week is marked in the context of International Earth Day (April 22), during which, inside the museum, there are held ecology lessons, round tables, competitions, etc. The activities are addressed to the primary, middle and high school students.
  • Workshop of decorating Easter eggs, spent during the Holy Week; it arouses the interest of visitors of different ages, both residents and foreigners, offering them the opportunity to learn the techniques of decorating eggs and to know the variety of the ornamental motifs. The most successful decorated eggs are exhibited, afterwards entering the museum's heritage.
  • Workshop of sewing traditional blouse and Șezătoare Basarabia (a group of skillful artisans – women and, sometimes, men, who sew and embroider traditional Romanian blouse) organize regular meetings, intended for those who want to learn the art of sewing and embroidery, as well as to know the secrets of Romanian blouse.

In addition to the annual activities, the public can take part in masterclasses (embroidery, manufacturing beads jewelry, weaving flowers wreaths), public lessons and contests (What did I like today at the museum?, What else is this?, Do you know the nature? etc.), which are organized during temporary exhibitions or on the occasion of various holidays. A special attention is paid to the projects for children with special needs. Museum tours, festive events and thematic workshops are organized for them (Grandma's toys, for decorating the Christmas tree). For several years, the students from the State University of Tiraspol (based in Chișinău), the State Pedagogical University "Ion Creangă", the Agrarian University, the Higher School of Tourism and Hotel Services etc., have been carrying out the specialty practice at the Museum, benefiting from the specialized assistance of the collaborators.

In order to accomplish the educational activities, the Museum cooperates with the National Center for Conservation and Promotion of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Union of Popular Craftsmen, the School of Fine Arts „A. Șciusev”, educational institutions, social and creative centers, etc. We invite to collaboration artisans, specialists of various profiles, who want to share their knowledge and experience with the public.

The announcements concerning educational activities are published on the Museum's website and Facebook page. The persons who are interested to participate can make an appointment in advance, by contacting the Public Relations Section.