The editorial board invites for cooperation experts from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad in order to diversify and enrich the content of the Scientific Bulletin. The journal publishes studies, articles and scientific materials from the fields of ethnography, ethnology, museology, natural sciences, cultural and natural heritage, as well as reviews/presentations of recently published scientific volumes. The authors of papers submitted for publishing should respect the following requirements:

            1. The scientific paper will compulsorily contain the following compartments: introduction, sources of documentation/materials and methods used during the research, the obtained results and their discussion, conclusion, bibliographic references.

            2. The text will not exceed 15 pages, 1,5 distance between rows, character size 12, font Times New Roman, processed in Word editor.

            3. Papers in Romanian, Russian, English, French and German are accepted. Each paper will have an abstract and up to 8 keywords, in Romanian and English.

            4. At the beginning of the paper will be indicated the complete surname and family name of the author (authors), while at the end – the scientific and didactic titles, the currently work position, the institutional affiliation, city and country where he/she works (for foreign authors).

            5. The images, photos and tables will be inserted in the paper, as well as separate files will be provided (JPG extension, resolution of not less than 500 pixels).

            6. The references to bibliographic sources will be indicated within square brackets, being included in the text (e.g., [8]). In case certain parts of the source are cited, after the bibliographic indicator will be also mentioned the page (e.g., [8, p. 231]). The bibliography is listed at the end of the paper, the works being presented alphabetically. The bibliographic list can comprise books (indicating the author’s family name, surname; the title of the book; place where it was published, the publishing house, year of issuance; number of pages of the book), articles in collected papers/journals, synopses, PhD dissertations, electronic documents, archival documents (the name of the archive will be mentioned, numbers of the consulted fund, inventory and folder, the page in the document), field information (will comprise the name and surname of the informer, birthyear, level of studies, locality of origin, the name of the collector and date of the recording).  

            7. In the text of the paper, the notes will be indicated by means of small, superscribed numbers (e.g. 3). The list of notes is placed at the end of the article.

            The works submitted for publishing are reviewed through peer-review.

            The responsibility for the content of papers belongs exclusively to authors.

            Contact address: [email protected]