The papers submitted by authors are collected by the editorial secretaries of both branches (Ethnography and Museology, Natural Sciences). Afterwards they are handed in to the scientific editor. The latter one examines the papers and proposes them for discussion and approval to the Editorial Board. The procedure of blind peer-review (the evaluation of each article by two independent reviewers who do not know the identity of the author of the paper) is compulsory. The review of scientific articles is anonymous.

            The Editorial Board is responsible for reviewing the papers. The Editorial Board selects reviewers from among scientific experts that are renown in the Republic of Moldova and abroad. At least one review should come from outside (from another scientific institution than MNEIN). In order to facilitate the process of reviewing there are drafted samples of reviews for scientific papers.


of the paper (TITLE OF THE PAPER)

submitted for publication in Scientific Bulletin. Journal of Ethnography, Natural History and Museology

1.To what extent the content and the perspective correspond to the editorial policy and to the concept of the journal, which is based on scientific issues having a considerable theoretical and applicative significance 
2.The adequate formulation of the article title (concise, corresponding to the content) 
3.Respecting the structure characteristic for a scientific paper: abstract (in English and Romanian), keywords, introduction, methods and sources, the obtained results and their discussion, conclusions, bibliographical references. 
4.The relevance of the abstract (informative, substantial, highlights the entire content of the article) 
5.The scientific quality of the article 
6.The style of writing (clear, accessible, respecting grammar rules) 
7.The graphic presentation, the reason for including photos, figures and tables, their relationship with the treated topic 
8.Bibliography (relevant, recent sources pertaining to the investigated subject) 
9.Recommendations for the author 
10.Recommendations for the publisherAccepted Conditionally accepted (objections) Rejected

            Reviewer (name, surname, scientific title)

            Signature of the reviewer and seal of the institution


            The articles should compulsory include the elements specific for a scientific work: introduction, arguments that prove the topic is up-to-date, the innovative character and originality of the author’s ideas, use of specialised language and of research methods characteristic for the field of study, analysis of factual material, discussion of the obtained results, conclusions, bibliography.

            The elements of innovation and originality of articles should consist in:

            (a) a new scientific problem and proposed perspective;

            (b) an innovative methodology and view of the researcher;

            (c) use of unpublished sources or those that were not enough scientifically assessed;

            (d) appeal to the works of forerunners and the contribution of the author’s investigations for obtaining new data.

            The papers that do not respect the style and grammar rules, as well as the requirements mentioned above, will be rejected.

From the Regulation of publishing the profile scholar journal of MNEIN

“Scientific Bulletin. Journal of Ethnography, Natural History and Museology. New series”.