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Since the founding of the museum, in late 19th century, its employees have investigated various aspects of history, traditional culture and nature from the area between Prut and Nistru. At the same time, they provided the general public with the results of their investigations by means of small monographs, catalogues etc. In 1926, the staff of the institution founded a scholarly journal – “Bulletin of the Museum of Natural History from Chișinău”. It comprised articles, scientific studies and information about the museum activity. This Bulletin is one of the first scientific journals from Bessarabia and, we emphasize, one of the most long-lasting ones. Until 1942, 10 issues were published. In its pages were printed important papers from various fields, signed by museum researchers, experts from Romania and foreign ones.

            After 1944, the activity of the museum was radically reorganised and the journal ceased to be published for a long time. Despite the emphasis on political propaganda, during the Soviet period, one managed to create important heritage collections and undertake valuable investigations in archaeology, numismatics, palaeontology, ethnography and museology. The outcomes of some of these investigations were published in three issues of the journal, which appeared then under these titles: “State Museum of History and Regional Studies. Annals”, vols. I-II (1961, 1969, in Russian), “State Museum of Regional Studies of MSSR. Scientific Bulletin”, vol. III (1989-1990, in Romanian and Russian).

            Since 2004, the regular publishing of the museum journal has been resumed, in a new format, bearing the title: “Scientific Bulletin. Journal of Ethnography, Natural Sciences and Museology. New Series”. Two branches are published every year – Ethnography and Museology, accordingly, Natural Sciences. The Editorial Board and the Scientific Council of the Museum aim that both branches comprise papers unpublished before, up-to-date and diverse, dedicated to subjects that draw the interest of experts and general public. The studies from “Scientific Bulletin” mainly reflect the scientific results obtained by the employees of the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History. However, in each issue, there are papers of researchers from academic institutes, museums, universities from the republic and from abroad. The editorial board of the “Scientific Bulletin” is open for cooperation with post-graduate students, young researchers and experienced scholars who wish to publish studies from the fields of ethnography, ethnology, cultural anthropology, museum studies, natural sciences, history and cultural heritage.

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