General principles

            The Journal publishes papers that treat scientific issues concerning the study of the natural and cultural heritage, thus contributing to the synchronization of the research data obtained by the academic community from the Republic of Moldova with the world scientific evolutions.

            In the Journal are published innovative scientific works submitted by researchers from MNEIN (National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History), as well as from other museum, academic and university institutions from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad.

            In each branch/volume, the proportion of authors from abroad is no less than 30%.

            The Structure of the Journal

            In the branch Natural Sciences, thepapers are structured according to the following sciences: Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Physiology, Ecology, Geology, Palaeontology, Pedology. In the branch Ethnography and Museology, the studies, articles and materials are structured according to the columns: Ethnography, Museology. In order to maintain the status of a journal, both branches also include the columns: Events, Homages, Reviews and book presentations, Museum life in images.

            The deadline for submitting papers is:

            a) for the branch Natural Sciences October month of the year that precedes the year when the journal is going to be published;

            b) for the branch Ethnography and Museology May month of the year when the journal is published.


            No taxes are imposed to authors for submitting, reviewing and processing papers.

            Author rights

            The Editorial Board fully acknowledges the authors’ rights on the papers published in the journal.

From the Regulation of publishing the profile scholar journal of MNEIN

“Scientific Bulletin. Journal of Ethnography, Natural History and Museology. New series”.