The museum that was found in 1889 possesses items of great scientific and heritage value. The collections were formed along the time, through donations and purchases. A part of the items were displayed in different states from Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

  • Moldovan carpet collection

    Moldovan carpet collection

    The museum also has the most representative collection of Moldovan carpets (sf.sec.XVIII-XX) According to the functional purpose, the character of…

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  • Interior textile collection

    Interior textile collection

    The collection of interior textiles attests to a wide spread and a wide variety of their name. The functions of…

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  • Ethnographic collection

    Ethnographic collection

    The basis of ethnographic collections was put by Albina Osterman (1892-1936). They consisted of donations and acquisitions. An important source…

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  • The numismatic collection

    The numismatic collection

    The numismatic collection mirrors the monetary circulation on the territory of present-day Moldova from antiquity to the present. The numismatist…

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  • The botanical collection

    The botanical collection

    The Botanical Collection contains herbs, seeds, and molds. The herbarium from the end of the century is of interest. 19th…

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  • Zoo collection

    Zoo collection

    The Zoo Collection consists of naturalized animals, skeletons, anatomical and corrosive preparations. The foundation of the collection was laid by…

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  • Paleontological collection

    Paleontological collection

    Paleontological collection according to the diversity and scientific value of the Neogene and Anthropogen of Moldova, it is very precious,…

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