The museum that was found in 1889 possesses items of great scientific and heritage value. The collections were formed along the time, through donations and purchases. A part of the items were displayed in different states from Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

  • Deinotherium Giganteum

    Deinotherium Giganteum

    In an original way, one of the most valuable pieces in the museum is exhibited here - the complete skeleton…

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  • Optimizing Nature and Culture

    Optimizing Nature and Culture

    After elucidating the processes carried out in our space until the appearance of the disastrous conflicts between man and nature,…

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  • Initiation room

    Initiation room

    The exhibition begins in the initiation hall - a preface to the history of the museum, by presenting its founders…

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  • Natural Landscapes of Moldova

    Natural Landscapes of Moldova

    In this room is presented the diversity, richness and beauty of nature, in which our people lived and created the…

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  • Soils and Agroland shafts of Moldova

    Soils and Agroland shafts of Moldova

    From time immemorial, man has changed nature as he has come to know it. By capitalizing on the natural environment,…

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  • Nature Memorial

    Nature Memorial

    The exhibition of the hall is entitled "Nature Memorial" and aims to demonstrate the harmful consequences of reckless consumption of…

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  • Biosphere


    It is the only room of the museum that has no other exhibits than a mural placed in its perimeter…

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  • Paleozoic Era

    Paleozoic Era

    The exhibition illustrates in the complex language of fossils, paintings, diagrams, diagrams, maps the oldest stages in the geological history…

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  • Mezozoic Era

    Mezozoic Era

    It is dedicated to the Mesozoic era, which began with 235 thousand. years ago and lasted 169 thousand. year old.…

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