The museum that was found in 1889 possesses items of great scientific and heritage value. The collections were formed along the time, through donations and purchases. A part of the items were displayed in different states from Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

  • Cainozoic Era

    Cainozoic Era

    The exhibition of the mirror room was Cainozoic or the era of new life, which began with 66,000. years ago…

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  • Anthropogenic period

    Anthropogenic period

    This compartment of the exhibition represents the anthropogenic period, ie the appearance of man, contemporary plants and animals, suggesting the…

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  • Archaeological Cultures from the Pruto-Dniester Area

    Archaeological Cultures from the Pruto-D

    The presentation of samples of the initial forms of human cohabitation in the natural environment continues in the section "At…

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  • Culture Formation and Development in the Bessarabian Space

    Culture Formation and Development in the

    The exhibition of this large section of the Museum focuses on aspects of the development of the people and traditional…

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  • Big house

    Big house

    Climbing to the ground floor on the spiral staircase, the visitor imagines the imaginary experience of man's coexistence with nature,…

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  • Ecology of Nature and Culture

    Ecology of Nature and Culture

    The exhibition arranged in this room is a documentary demonstration of the destruction of balance in nature and the consequences…

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  • Entomological collection

    Entomological collection

    The core of entomological collections was created in the late nineteenth century by F. Ostermann, P. Zabarinski, I. Taranin. At…

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  • Petrographic collection

    Petrographic collection

    The petrographic collection consists of samples collected from pre-Cambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cainozoic geological formations, which reflect the geological evolution…

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  • Popular dress collection

    Popular dress collection

    The collection of folk costumes consists of shirts, belts, catrints, bounces, itari, sum ane, headscarves, aprons, skirts, shoes made by…

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