Paleozoic Era

The exhibition illustrates in the complex language of fossils, paintings, diagrams, diagrams, maps the oldest stages in the geological history of the earth: archaic and proterozoic from the cryptozoic and the 6 periods of the Paleozoic era from the Phanerozoic. On the frontispiece of the showcases are presented the paleogeographic maps, which reflect the water-land relationship, the lithological columns, which indicate the frequency of certain groups of rocks in each period, providing a conventional reconstruction of the corresponding paleoland shafts. The impressions in the rocks displayed in the shop windows, the drawings representing the reconstruction of different organisms and the mural painting of a conventional paleoland shaft (author A. Bulichov) illustrate the evolution of life forms from the lower ones to the primitive vertebrates, represented by shield fish, reptiles and amphibians. The vegetation was dominated by woody stems, which formed tropical forests and formed the basis of coal seams.

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